The Magic Potion

The Magic Potion

Raise your hand if you’ve ever suffered from a skin condition whether if it was acne, eczema, or dehydrated skin? How much money did you spend on these products only to find they didn’t work or made your condition worse? How many trips did you make to a dermatologist for relief only to be given ointments (a temporary fix) and a huge medical bill?

OMG I was that person. I literally tried EVERYTHING on the market to relieve me of my constant breakouts! We won’t even discuss how this affected my self-esteem. I was ashamed to wear ANYTHING sleeveless for I felt everyone noticed my scattered patches on my skin! Even I thought I had the plague so I only imagined what others felt! Thankfully after multiple doctor visits, spending hundreds of dollars, trying all types of steroid ointments & services, we were able to do a simple allergy test to discover that I was basically allergic to everything. 

I was told I couldn’t use certain products which I was used to wearing & I admit I wasn’t happy or willing to accept my diagnosis! I took it upon myself to look for alternatives and began a product process of elimination beginning with soaps. I spent a lot of money following this method and I kept breaking out. A light bulb finally came on & I was like maybe I should try to make my own soap and other body-care products. And I did! Within a couple of months my skin issues began to dissipate. Akoni’s Body Delights was born!

Who is Akoni’s Body Delights? 

We are a black-owned skincare company that creates all-natural/organic products. We pride ourselves on using the best nourishing oils and butters to showcase its properties while providing the best health benefit possible. Our focus is developing products that gives your body what nature intended. 

What does this mean? 

Applying products that were created with ingredients from nature can nourish and nurture us. Nature provides ways to treat stubborn skin challenges, address different skin types, helps promote healthy skin growth and provide a glowing complexion. Nature is the answer—and it’s important to understand that while it’s been unlocked due to scientific advancements and research, it doesn’t need to be replaced. 

This is what we aim to do with every creation Akoni’s Body Delights formulates! Our creations are designed to relieve thirsty, dry, dehydrated skin back to only what nature can provide.

If you supported us whether with a follow on social media, shared & liked our posts, made a purchase, or just provided us with advice…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

We want to give back in ways unimaginable. Tune in weekly to Akoni’s Journey. We will enlighten you about our company, the ingredients we use to create our wonderful products, how we give back to the community, and most importantly how we can service you as we grow. We can not continue this journey without you! It is going to be a wonderful ride… 


See you soon


Tonya LaShun



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