Being The Best You

Being The Best You

We love to talk about skincare, body care, etc but we never expand on self-care or it’s important to incorporate more self care into our lives! Well today, I want you to stop whatever you are doing & have a real conversation with YOU on how to reach the core of being the best you! I truly believe in order to be the best me is making sure I am taken care of. So everyday I make sure self care is a part of my regimen.

What is self-care?

Self-care is self-love, self-compassion, self-discipline, self-growth, and self-healing. It is all of those things and more. It's a way of living and loving. Of showing up for yourself even in the hardest, most darkest moments.

Self-care is the key component when it comes to mental and emotional health

Self-care is a deliberate action one takes to commune with their own soul. It's a respite from the outside world, a chance for one to take deep breaths physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Self-care is an act of loving oneself so that that love can flow out into the world around them.

Regular self-care helps by giving you a chance to process your life, experiences and feelings. Without stopping to do this, you become the person caught in the waves being hit over and over again without getting a chance to catch your breath.

Self-care is a powerful tool for managing anxiety, depression, and many other issues that the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe only comes in a bottle.

Does a one-time remedy cure something forever? Usually not. That's why self-care needs to be practiced on a consistent basis.

This is why we need a self-care toolkit!

A self-care toolkit is simply a collection of tools that help ground, recharge and inspire you.

What's in your self-care toolkit?

The holidays are here, whether we’re ready or not. For many of us, that means spending time with family and friends, and wearing a happy face when instead we sometimes want to come undone in the presence of our families!

Before heading out the door, take a moment to write down the self-care practices you have in your toolkit. This could be a meditation playlist (I don’t have one personally but Alexa helps me out all the time), it could be a music playlist, a friend you want to call, a nail salon appointment, anything… The purpose of having your self-care toolkit on the top of your mind is being able to quickly rely on soul-nurturing activities over more destructive practices. Getting through a tough situation is often about just being able to PAUSE, step back and take a bird’s eye view of the situation.

Respond, instead of react, friend!  

This holiday season, practice self-care. Remember, you already know how to take care of yourself. These are just subtle reminders.


Tonya LaShun

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